Staff Training at your Early Years setting.

We understand that getting staff out of a busy setting, as well as accessing affordable training can be a challenge for any provider. Therefore, our bespoke training packages are built around you and your individual needs.

Training Packages

Our most popular training packages include:

Characteristics of Effective Learning
Children become engaged in their learning when they can actively explore and find out things for themselves. As adults we need to provide appropriate support and the right kind of environment for this exploration and learning to take place. During this training staff will gain a better understanding of how children learn and not simply what they learn. It includes ideas for activities to support individual and groups of children to achieve best outcomes.

Managing Children’s Behaviour
Supporting children to manage their feelings and behaviour, is important in helping them to develop respect for others and understand why some behaviour rules are in place. This training offers practical advice on how to manage children’s behaviour through positive reinforcement.

Developing Leadership and Management Skills
Designed to support managers, deputy managers and room leaders. This training offers practical guidance on how to manage a team, establish a clear vision and share that vision with others so that they follow willingly.

Planning an Effective Curriculum

This training is designed to provide less experienced practitioners with the knowledge and skills they need to plan an effective curriculum, to support children’s progress across all areas of learning. It includes how to identify what children need to learn, how to support this and how to identify if children are making satisfactory progress.

Fundamental British Values and the Prevent Duty
This training guides staff through the duty on early years’ providers to have due regard to preventing people from being drawn into terrorism. This includes an awareness of the expression of extremist views and ensuring that British values are firmly embedded in the work that you do.

“Tonight, I attended my third training session with Ingrid. Each one has been informative and professional, while relaxed enough to put us all at ease. Those who attended were able to ask any questions throughout and discuss more in depth when needed. I will be attending more in the future and can't wait for the next few I've already booked onto. Venue and training times have worked perfectly for me as a childminder”

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Pre-Paid Packages

For those who prefer to spread the cost over a 12-month period, we have devised a range of pre-paid packages. 

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If you’re looking for a consultant to help in your Early Years setting, contact us for more information.

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If you’re looking for a consultant to help in your Early Years setting. Contact us for more information.